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Drawings and Paintings


Brian Benson

Backbrain Productions_ drawings, paintings and music by Brian Benson


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Brian Benson has been using the name Backbrain Productions  to display, promote and market his unique art, designs and music, since the publication, in 1993, of his first postcard-sized book of images, Carcinoma Beauty Spot.

The original version of this website was published in 2000 to  exhibit Brian's work.  Images from this first exhibiton, "Windowless", can be seen here.


Backbrain images are available as cards, t-shirts and accessories, and fine art prints via Brian's on-line print-on-demand shops, and can also be obtained by contacting him directly.  Brian also accepts commissions.

Brian Benson

Hailing from Liverpool, I have lived in Manchester since 1983.  As an artist I have built up a large body of work in the form of drawings and paintings. I have developed a distinctive style largely through experimenting with these mediums.

My work has appeared in fanzines, on gig posters, on record sleeves, and has been used to promote a play by the Raw Material theatre company.


Some of my drawings were shown as part of the Black Tide joint exhibition, put on by the Artesian Arts organisation in Edinburgh, and in the related Black Tide book, published in 2001.


I am also a musician, currently playing drums and percussion in several bands. I  am electronic music composer and producer, and also record solo and multi-tracked percussion music.  As a DJ, I have played sets at many venues in Manchester, for a wide range of events, spinning 60s garage and psyche, underground and experimental rock, electronic beats, and noise, depending on the occasion.

The first version of this site appeared in 2000 and featured about sixty drawings and paintings.

I am interested in underground, visionary and psychedelic art, surrealism and expressionism, old engravings, comic books and graphic novels, modernism, horror, science fiction, and historical and fantasy fiction.  I enjoy film, particularly European and Asian art films, animation and underground cinema.




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